Visiting Hugh-Baird College



Yesterday Resilient Recruitment was invited by Elevate, The Education Business Partnership, to join them at Hugh Baird College to conduct practice interviews with young people who are starting their journey into employability. The aim of the day was to prepare the students for when they apply for jobs within their chosen fields.


I was given a list of questions to go through to make sure each learner had a standardised interview but I advised each aspiring worker that the 3 main questions you will always be asked at interview are:


  1. “Tell me about something you have achieved that you are most proud of.”


This question always comes up as it gives you the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments, lets you tell an employer about the journey, skills, ambition, and commitment that it took you to get there and lets them know what makes you different from the other candidates.

Did you have to use your initiative, work alone or as part of a team?

These are all great things to think about when preparing your answer to this question.

Really try to stand out with the subject you choose by talking concisely about what you did, assume the interviewer knows nothing and you must talk them through the process.


  1. “Tell me about a time when you’ve encountered a problem and what did you do to overcome it?”


This question shows that you can think out of the box, diffuse situations, step up to a challenge, be resourceful and creative. It allows you to show that you can keep a clear, calm outlook when things aren’t exactly going your way. These are very important qualities to have in all job roles and ones that an employer strives their workers to have.


  1. “Tell me about a time when you have worked as part of a team and what was your contribution?”


Here an employer wants to know if you can work as part of a team, if you’re a leader, if you sit back and let everyone else do the work or if you are a valuable contributor. Most job roles entail teamwork at some point and it’s important that you can work well with others and have a positive impact on whatever process you are all committed to, to run smoothly.


With this in mind, I talked all my candidates through their answers and gave them hints and tips on how to tweak their responses so they could be the strongest candidate for employment as possible.


I was hugely impressed by the improvised responses of those that I spoke to throughout the day. Their ambitions were commendable and I’m sure I wasn’t as certain as they were when I was their age about the path I wanted to carve out for the future. They all did exceptionally well and I’m sure they have fantastic career opportunities in their grasp.


After such a great day, I’m looking forwards to supporting Elevate again in the future and giving our young people the best possible chance to achieve their dreams.