News Letter October 2021

News Letter

Hello 🖐

Thank you for your interest in Resilient Recruitment – Voted the BEST recruitment agency in St Helens by the Three Best Rated.

We have recently celebrated our first birthday 🎂 and we couldn’t have got here without you 😁

We love to get the right local people into the right local jobs but without your commitment to getting into work we’d be sat twiddling our thumbs. Instead, our tiny team of just 1, has grew to a healthy team of 12 to make sure we can meet the needs of both those looking for work and those who need workers.

In the last 12 months our determination to help people has been immense and we have done everything in our power to help people in to work. Here’s some examples:
* Personally picking people up who were struggling to get back and too and from work
* Ordering Ubers to taxi people home if they finished work in the early hours
* Offering a £50 advance on wages to see our workers through to payday
* Provided food and drink for workers on shift during the summer months
* Making bacon butties for workers who were struggling for food
* Paid for PPE to get people into work that have been desperate for work but didn’t have work boots / hi- vis vests
* Provided tools and equipment to ensure workers could fulfil their job requirements
* Recovered / replaced stolen items for our workers
* Gone above and beyond to help struggling families
* Arranged for people to be put through their FLT and paid them enough to get them through the 3 weeks course till they could get back into work
* We even bought someone a bike so they could get to work each day!

If this doesn’t show that we are an agency like any no other then I don’t know what will? We genuinely do care, and we want to see people succeed. Your success is our success, and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Talking of warm and fuzzy here is one of our success stories:

Gareth, from Widnes, started working with us at a warehouse in Haydock, after 12 weeks on a temporary contract he was taken on permanently by the company, he was soon promoted to a team leader but due to a change in personal circumstances he came back to us to find alternative work. As Gareth had shown a positive attitude and commitment to his previous role, we were able to find him a place with St Helens council where he has been ever since. He is happy and successful in his new role and said “I’d like to thank Marc and the team at Resillient Recruitment. I’ve never been as happy as I am now working at St Helens Council, and I’d never have gotten this opportunity without them.”

⭐️ Just recently we have had over 20 people taken on permanently after fulfilling their 520 hours with us and we’ve had over 15 people move upon the ranks in their current roles. 🎉

There’s no reason why you couldn’t be part of our success stories next month.

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Much love

Resilient Recruitment xx