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Industries and sectors we cover

Hospitality & Catering

We are a recruitment agency that specialises in the hospitality and catering sector. Here at Resilient Recruitment, we supply staff on a temp-to-perm basis to large sections of the UK for many sectors of the hospitality and catering sector; we are highly passionate about supplying the right candidates to a position that suites their standards and ensuring the candidates are suitable for the client.

Are you looking for work in Hospitality & Catering?

Whether you have experience or know very little about this sector, we ensure you that we can find the role right for you; we work with leading hospitality and catering companies in sectors such as Chefs, waiters, bar staff, etc., that have all the experience for you to learn the role whilst on the job.

With our hard-working, friendly and reliable recruitment team, you can trust us to be on hand whenever you need us.

Are you looking to hire staff in the Hospitality & Catering sector?

If you are a business looking for hard-working staff that are reliable and either experienced or encouraged to gain new experience, we are the right agency for you! We will fill your roles quickly, sometimes even the same day and hope to build a close relationship with you for roles that may become available further down the line!


Why choose Resilient Recruitment to source talent in the Hospitality & Catering sector?

  • Extended Reach For The Best Talent
  • Expertise through dedicated Hospitality & Catering recruiters
  • Short-term And Long-term Cost Savings vs In house Recruitment
  • Resilient recruitment have experienced and reliable recruiters to fill all your needs when requiring staff
  • We look for temps that are experienced or are focused on wanting experience in that sector
  • We ensure that all jobs are advised throughout social media and that the roles are filled as soon as possible, sending over candidates to the client to meet their expectations

Typical roles in this sector...

  • Chefs
  • Servers
  • Waiters
  • Events Managers
  • Cooks
  • Hospitality Assistants
  • Bar Staff
  • Entertainers
  • Catering Managers
  • and many more