February Newsletter

February Newsletter 2022

For lots of people, this month is full of love, pancakes and the promise of spring just around the corner. For Resilient Recruitment it has been a time for reflection, working with people that fit our ethos and letting go of those that don’t.

Here at Resilient Recruitment, we are an inclusive company, we fly the flag of diversity and celebrate our differences. We have close links to Peter Street Community Centre who run English Language courses for refugees and we are there every couple of months to help the learners to find work and to talk about the different routes into employment.

We have supported those with disabilities into work, such as one of our current workers who lives with Tourette’s syndrome.

He has struggled getting into employment as he has involuntary verbal tics which manifest as animal noises. Although he is very hard working, he isn’t always accepted into a workplace because of this. Resilient Recruitment have worked with our clients to find him the right local job and he is thriving in his placement with a promise of a permanent position after he has completed his 520hr probation period.

We also love our LGBTQ+ community and have many workers who identify as part of the rainbow community. This year we are hoping to sponsor a float at Manchester Pride and hope that our workers and clients dance along the route with us. As much as it is a celebration, it is a protest, a community that stands up for their right to be seen, to be equal and included as much as anyone else and the fight for social reform which we are very much behind.

For those workers or businesses that unfairly discriminate against anyone, we as a company cannot and will not tolerate it. Everyone deserves a fair chance and if they have the ability to do the job, it doesn’t matter what gender, colour, religion, sexual orientation etc that they are. We simply will not work with anyone that is close minded and as a result have cut a few ties this month.

That being said, it is few and far between so let’s continue to break down barriers and be the pebble of change at the centre of the ripple.

Continuing with the positivity, we have had several workers who have gained permanent positions this month at both our warehouse in Haydock and our factory in Warrington. We wish everyone the best of luck for the future and congratulations on gaining a permanent contract.

We also have to give special thanks to Jack T, our warehouse worker from Haydock. Jack has been a consistent treasure to our team in Haydock, always on time, flexible and hard working. Confirming shifts for the week and going in when he says he will, working well in a team and individually. For these reasons, Jack is our employee of the month for February and he will take away a certificate and a £50 voucher. Thanks for working with us Jack, its been a pleasure.

Internally, we give thanks to Hannah Madden. Hannah started out as one of our temporary warehouse workers in Haydock, she then moved over to our team as a trainee recruiter and worked her way up to become a lead recruiter, managing a team a plethora of clients and hundreds of workers. This month in particular, Hannah has fought hard to run a tight ship, she has been off to Birmingham and Sheffield regularly, while she secures new clients for our business which includes writing up and finalising the contracts. It is a challenge to have so much time away from the office and still successfully manage her team to keep standards high. All this whilst dealing with Eve, a key member of the team, leaving to pursue her new life in California. Hannah has kept a level head and managed her workload and extra responsibilities like the Top Boss she is. Being organised, fearless and charming are some of the key features Hannah displays to hold everything together.  So, thanks Hannah for bossing it out, keeping Resilient Recruitment great and showing what women in business can achieve, you are a force to be reckoned with, an inspiration and our February internal employee of the month, enjoy your voucher!

As I touched on above, we also said goodbye to our Eve this month. Eve has been an asset to the team since she started with us and managed some of our big clients in Warrington and the Midlands. Eve has moved to California to live her best life and as sad as we are to see her go, we are delighted for her to start her new adventure and wish her all the best for the future.

This now leaves an opening for a trainee recruiter in the office. If you’re reading this and think you’d like to be a part of the team, then send your CV to Hannah@resilient-recruitment.com

Continuing the celebrations, we also had a few birthdays this month. We had Katie, Charlotte and Marc celebrate getting another year older so with Eve leaving, and all the birthdays the office has been full of cake, sweet treats and party music. Maybe we should start offering free gym memberships instead of vouchers eh? Ha-ha.

If you’d like to join our fun and friendly team, either in the office or with one of our clients, then drop us a message 07933497965.

Take care for now,

Resilient Recruitment  xx