December Newsletter 2021

December Newsletter

Oh wow! Its DECEMBER!!

How did we get here already?

I know that our naughty elves have been busy creating havoc in the office and some of you guys have shared your naughty elf antics with us for the chance to win a box of Heroes. The lucky winner was Lucy Bevan, from Widnes, who’s elves had managed to have a party on top of her little boy, Francis, while he slept and covered him in tattoos. Well done Lucy and thanks for sharing 😊

In the world of work, we have seen over 3000 shifts covered by our temps this month which is a fete considering a lot of places have shut for 2 weeks! We have however joined forces with several new clients to resolve their workforce needs going into the new year which will secure even more shifts for our workers. Resilient Recruitment have also expanded their reach to the midlands and look forwards to growing even further throughout 2022. There is no challenge that we wouldn’t take on so if you’re struggling for temporary workers then give us a call. We can take the weight off your shoulders with our modern and innovative ways to find the right local people for the right local jobs.

Talking about doing things differently, our employee of the month award highlighted the great efforts made by Lee, our warehouse operative in Haydock, who has received a £50 voucher and a certificate to thank them for their hard work and commitment over the past few months. Some jobs are harder than others and Lee works in a highly demanding environment. He enjoys the challenging fast paced role and does it with a smile and a spring in his step so thanks for being such a fantastic member of the team and we hope you enjoy treating yourself with your voucher.

Internally we thank Katie, our business development manager, who has had a challenging couple of months after losing her mum. Although given any time off that she needed, Katie returned to work with a smile and a positive attitude, and we felt that this commitment should be commended so thank you Katie and we hope that you enjoy spending your voucher.

Looking to the future, Resilient Recruitment would like to help change the lives of disadvantaged people in the communities of St Helens and surrounding areas. We have made a pact as a team to fundraise throughout 2022 and use the proceeds to make sure the young and old alike are not missed at Christmas or during the bitter winter months when they may need the most help. It is important to us to make a difference when we can so we will be taking part in bi-monthly activities and hope that you guys will get on board, giving what you can, when you can, to our just giving page. Our first challenge will be for us all to walk 100 miles by the end of February. For some of us this will be the most we have ever walked in our lives so it will not be easy. This should set us up for our next challenge of walking up Snowdonia in April. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for updates and get in touch if there’s a challenge that you’d love to see us complete this year.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you all a safe and very merry Christmas and a fabulous new year.

Much love,

Resilient Recruitment xx