January Newsletter 2022

January Newsletter 2022

New year, new you?

A very warm welcome to whatever version of yourself is reading this page today but please remember it’s never too late to make a change and do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy.

If you’re exhausted with your current job and would like to take a less stressful role, if you’re bored and need to feel challenged, if you’re out of work and don’t know where to begin, if you’d like to know more about the FREE FLT training we have been advertising, then why not have a chat to one of our advisers and see what we can do for you? Drop us a text and we’ll give you a call, it honestly couldn’t be easier ☎️ 07933497986.

If you’ve been following our story so far, you will have seen that last month, we began successfully recruiting staff for our clients in the Midlands. This month some of the largest logistics companies in the country have asked us to work with them throughout the Northeast and Scotland, meaning that our expansion, UK wide, is well underway. We continue to pride ourselves on getting the right local people into the right local jobs and successfully providing staffing solutions day in and day out 365 days a year. Our reputation is securing work for local people through temporary to permanent contracts and it is a joy to have so many happy and successful workers. However, our candidate pool is vast and we welcome any business that would like to take advantage of the people waiting for the right job to come along. We have jobs in warehouse, production, metal fabrication, scaffolding, support work, caretaking, recycling, finance, admin, schools, insolvency and many other areas. We are frequently asked for retail and call centre work and would urge any company looking for these candidates to get in touch.

Moving away from the world of work but still on a subject that I’ve mentioned before, our office team have pledged to raise money throughout the year to support disadvantaged people in our local community. Pledging to walk 100 miles each between January and February, we hope to raise £500. Here is our Just Giving page


1100 miles (our miles collectively) is far enough to take us from Lands’ End to John O’Groats and most of the way back or if you want to have the exact most northern and southernly points of the UK it would be Dunnet Head to lizard point which is 610 miles as the crow flies.

I think that definitely deserves £500, don’t you? The team has already walked over 577 miles so far and are on target to smash the 1100 mile goal! If you could donate as little as 50p it will all add up and be fantastic for our community.

Speaking of success, I’m always delighted to confirm our Employee of the Month and this month we couldn’t choose just one so we chose TWO! Both of these individuals have shone bright since they started working with us and this month it wouldn’t have been fair to leave one of them out. So, our January employees of the month are, Natalya our supported living officer from Parr and Dawid our warehouse worker from Warrington.

The manager at Natalya’s place of work had this to say about her:

“Natalya has been a crucial member of the team both at XXX House and XXX Court over the last few months. In the various roles which she has undertaken, she has been committed, professional, reliable and an excellent team player.

Whilst working at both centres she has had no issues with any aspects of the roles, and has worked hard completing all tasks asked of her.

I have received positive feedback from both staff and clients who all speak highly of her.

Natalya has been pleasant, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Natalya, well deserved 👏👏”

Eve, from Resilient Recruitment, who placed Dawid in his warehouse role said “Dawid is an exceptional team member, picking up extra shifts last minute, arriving early or staying late without complaint and is always happy to help. Dawid’s work ethic is outstanding and we couldn’t ask for a more flexible and committed team member.”

With that said, thank you so much to Natalya and Dawid for all your hard work and we hope that you enjoy your £50 voucher.

In the Resilient office, we would like to recognise Hannah F for all her hard work and dedication. Hannah takes on every task that is asked of her and she will not stop or switch off until it is completed to a high standard. After working above and beyond her normal hours this month, Hannah also did a 12hr shift for one of our clients after the agreed worker let her down last minute. Hannah will not allow Resilient to let any of our clients down, even if it means doing it all herself. Being super woman is not part of her job role but indeed she is and she always has a funny story or two to tell to keep everyone’s spirits high first thing on a Monday morning. So Hannah, thank you for being you, for making Resilient Recruitment great and being super woman. Your voucher is on it’s way 😁

Coupled with this 6 of our temporary workers have been given permanent roles with our client in Parr this month too. Congratulations to Robbie, Mateusz, Aiden, Kimal, Cody and Lewis. Your consistent approach to work meant you successfully passed your 520 hour probationary period with us and we celebrate you achieving a permanent contract.

Finally, what’s left to say is, thankfully January, the 100 day month, has come to an end 🤪 and February is about to begin.

Don’t be anything less than awesome and if February is where you want to start a fresh, then you know who to call…. No, not ghostbusters, call Resilient Recruitment- Getting the right local people into the right local jobs 07933497965.

Much love, Resilient Recruitment xx